Fishing Etiquette

#1 Make sure you fish in a safe location .

Make sure you’re feeling the fish bite, don’t be fooled.

Ever tried to Bow hunt for fish?

Turn Ons

  • Offering to help drive the boat.

  • “Sharing hook ups.” After all, there’s plenty of fish in the sea.

  • A surprise “Treat” or something (food for example) for the crew to munch on.

  • Be On Time! Nobody likes to wait for “Sleepy Head” so shuffle aboard.

  • Current “valid” Fishing Permits.

  • Sense of humor.

  • Bring your own gear, or at least ask to borrow whatever’s needed before you hit the high seas.

  • Sharing “ALL” costs equally, bait, gas, ice, lunch, etc…

  • Clean up – soooo much quicker if “everybody” pitches in.

  • Anglers with energy.

Turn Offs

  • Sorry, I’m busy fishing.

  • “Mine, mine, mine!” Doing the locomotive dance! Pushing fellow anglers to grab the pole.

  • I already ate.

  • I’m full.

  • Late, No Show, No Call. Come on – you’ve got a cell phone!

  • I forgot  “Don’t worry, we won’t get boarded.”

  • “Crab-Apple”, “Complainer”, “Whiner” – Would you like cheese with that?

  • Assuming that it’s okay to “grab” someone’s gear.

  • “Penny – Pinchers”

  • No help. “I’m tired”. “Hey I paid for gas, bait, etc…”

  • Slug – boy.


  • The Captain gets a nap on the way home!

  • Just relax – take a chill pill, maybe take two.

  • Something homemade – but a bucket of chicken from the Colonel will do!

  • Maybe show up 10 minutes early, ready to rock n roll.

  • Having “both” valid U.S. and Mexican permits.

  • Having your personal comedian on board.

  • Hey, you at the Tackle Shop, how about one of those “purple feathers for the Captain!”

  • Sharing the bigger costs – coming from L.A.? Truck fuel, oil, etc. If you’re a regular on board, a couple of $$ for boat maintenance/repairs.

  • Maybe get together “one day” and help do a “detail – job” inside and out of the boat.

  • Willingness to do whatever it takes.

Just a thought…

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