Biggest part of Marlin fishing is location, you can fish for years and never see a marlin if you don’t go to the right areas.

Like all other types of fishing, you can drag lures and bait forever and never get bit if you are not in the right area.

How do you know if you are in the right area.

1) Seeing ‘jumpers’, ‘feeders’ and ‘tailer’s is always the best way! There is no doubt in your mind at that point.
2) Word of mouth from dependable sources.
3) Going by water temperatures and knowledge that this is the right time of the year? In these locations.

How to catch a Marlin.

1) Being in the area that they are is #1 (90%)
2) Having the right equipment and tackle ready, file the hooks every time before putting them in the water.
3) Having the lines set right and trolling 5-10 knots.
4) Baiting a marlin that is feeding, sleeping or tailing.
5) Having a lot of luck on your side! About 1 out of every 7 marlin are lost even to the best fisherman.
6) Patience and lots of gas, these fish are not easy to come by some people fish all year for marlin only and never catch one!.

When looking for Marlin jigs.

Try to locate the best ones “Mr Jigs” if you need help finding them I can help you, or call Mark @ (619) 273-2924….. He may not have any left but he can make them for you in one weeks time. If he says he can’t then Email me and I will convince him for you, they are the best jigs and the proof is how many locals use them and love them. They catch Marlin and Tuna!!!!

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