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The Coronado Islands are located in Mexican waters. Fish Species include Barracuda, Bonito, Yellowtail, Tuna, Dorado, Marlin, RockCod, Whitefish, Halibut, Shark,Whitefish, Swordfish and the odd fish that you've never seen before.

   Personal Mexican Fishing Licenses are required for EVERYONE aboard a sportfishing boat, whether they are fishing or not. The cost of Mexican Fishing Licenses currently are: $10.90 for a one-day license, $21.38 for a one week license, and $38.82 for an annual license. (in U.S. dollars ~ varies with exchange rate fluctuations)
   Validity of the license starts on the day it is purchased. An annual license purchased on July 20, 2017 will expire on July 19, 2018. Tackle Shops and Travel Clubs mark up the price of the licenses to cover their commission.

Bag and Possession Limits
   Pay close attention to these catch limits. Part of the problem has been lack of awarness on the part of the angler, the captain, and the fleet operators. Abiding by the limits will perhaps help save this incredible fishery for future generations to enjoy. Practice catch and release, and please- only take what you will eat.
   In ocean waters and estuaries the limit is a total of TEN fish per day, with no more than five catches of a single specie.

The EXCEPTIONS to this rule are:
   Only ONE specimen of either Marlin, Shark, Sailfish, or Swordfish is allowed.
Only TWO samples of Dorado is allowed.
   Limit on inland bodies of water (rivers, lakes, dams, etc.) is five fish per day, weather of a single specie or in combination. Underwater fishing is limited to five per day, using rubber band or spring type harpoons, and only while SKIN DIVING.
   There is no limit to the practice of "catch and release", as long as the fish that exceed the bag limit be returned to their environment in good survival condition. Where sportfishing is conducted from boats out at sea for longer than three days, the bag limit will be the equivalent of three times the amounts mentioned above.

Other Information:
   Only ONE rod or line with hook is permitted in the water, PER PERSON, but there is no restriction regarding the number of replacement items.

  •    It is prohibited to receive any financial gain from the product obtained through sportfishing.
  •    It is prohibited to practice 250 meters or less from swimmers.
  •    It is prohibited to use artificial lighting to attract large quantities of fish.
  •    It is prohibited to discharge firearms in Mexican waters.
  •    Fish caught under a Sportfishing License may NOT be filleted aboard the vessel from which it was caught.


From Mission Bay:
  • Head 180 South for 18 miles
From San Diego Bay:
  • Head 170 South for 13 miles
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