~ HOW TO CATCH..... ~

"The fishing was good; it was the catching

that was bad." ~ A.K. Best

   That quote about says it all. There's fishing; and then there's catching fish. The two actions, while similar, are in actuality completely different from each other. One is merely a pastime, while the other is the end result of much preparation, knowledge and the implementation of both. Not to mention one is extremely satisfying while the other... well, it's simply shooting blanks.
   The first step to great preparation is knowledge and what better way to gain knowledge in a hurry than to learn from others that have already achieved that same goal. Consistently. Model yourself and your actions after them and you have hugely improved your chances of success.
   Ignore the lessons of others that have gone before and be prepared for lots of learning on the fly by trial and error. Lots of error. And with time playing such a critical role in every fishing adventure, it's the last thing you want to waste.
   We've assembled some tips 'n tricks  to help you make the most of your time on the water, resulting in your best opportunity to not only reach your limit, but to have the best experience possible.

Simply click on the names of any of the fish species you're after and get to studying so you don't end up getting schooled!







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