You Can Never Be Too Prepared

Tackle 2 FR 395-340
   With every situation in life, preparation is key. And when it comes to fishing, being fully prepared is paramount to a great day on the water. Nothing worse than spending your entire week getting prepared for an awesome weekend outing, only to have the smallest of failures cancel all of your plans.
   It doesn't matter whether you're planning an offshore adventure or just a simple trip to the local lake, when fun is on the line, the stakes are huge and failure is NOT an option.
   Therefore, we've provided a few 'tips' to help ensure the best 'trip' imaginable.

   First on the list, if possible, try adding 4,000 hp to your boat. That's the fun part. Check out this 60ft Sportsfisher traveling @ 60 knots.

   If adding a bit of extra power isn't an option, here are a few more tips to help everyone have the most enjoyable outing possible.
  • In Southern California And Mexican Waters Open Up The Aft Deck Space To Give As Much Room As Possible.
  • Purchase And Install Good Fish Finder, Ocean Temperature Gauge, Vhf Radio With Scan Features, GPS Navigation System Or Loran C.
  • Get Yourself The Largest Bait Tank Possible! (This A Definite Necessity With A Good Volume Bait Pump, Mounted On A High Speed Pick Up With Gate Valve For Safety)
  • Equipped With Fuel Tanks Capable of Holding Enough Fuel For 100 Mile Return Trips (As A Minimum).
  • Have Yourself 4 Rod Holders For Trolling, 6-16 Extra For Holding Fishing Poles. (all Your Friends Like To Bring 2-5 Poles Each It Seems!)
  • Install Outriggers For Trolling Offshore.
  • Bait Net, Gaff, Pliers, Cutters, Fillet Knifes.
  • Wash Down Pump And Hose, Stiff Brush On A Long Handle.
  • Spreader Lights To Enable Best Visibility At Night And Early Morning.
  • You Will Need Coolers Or A Fish Well To Store Fish.
  • Large Capacity Bilge Pump And All Required Safety Equipment.
  • Charts, Extra Food, And Water Supplies.
  • Fish Cleaning Station.

    For more tips, tricks and ways to be as prepared as possible for your next off-shore adventure, be sure to peruse the entire site. We're confident you'll find many things to help you achieve all of your fishing goals.
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